"Little Piggie" Yogurt Cups

On snack duty for the whole class? Before you panic, try this easy snack idea! With only three components, these yogurt cups are a cinch to put together. Add a little Ziploc® snack bag of granola and a plastic spoon on the side for easy reach.


    Raspberry or strawberry yogurt
    Fresh blueberries
    Fresh raspberries


  • 1 Pour yogurt into small Ziploc® containers.
  • 2 Cut some raspberries in quarters to make the ears. Slice off small blueberry slivers for mouths.
  • 3 Stick two upward facing raspberries into the middle of the yogurt to make nostrils, add two blueberries as eyes and two pieces of quartered raspberry for ears. Finally, stick in the smiling little blueberry mouth.
  • 4 Place containers in the fridge until ready.
  • 5 Portion out a little bit of granola in a Ziploc® snack bag to go along with it and add a plastic spoon for eating.