Not Your Average Lunch Notes

July 01, 2014

Sneaking little love notes into lunches is a great way to brighten up your kid’s or partner’s day. Rather than dropping in a folded piece of notebook paper à la grade school, try these neat tricks to add some pizzazz.

Chalk it up to love

P.S. Eat Your Vegetables
Coat the inside lid of a metal lunchbox with chalkboard paint. It makes a great reusable writing surface for sweet notes, inspirational sayings, or important reminders - i.e. “Remember, Tommy’s fruit snacks are not worth your sandwich.”

Loveable lunch money

P.S. Eat Your Vegetables
Lunch money can’t buy love, but it can look like it! Fold their milk money into an origami heart and when they come home, show them how you did it.
P.S. Eat Your Vegetables

Step 1: Using the “ONE” on the back of the dollar as a guide, fold in each side of the bill.   

Step 2: Take the left hand side, and fold the bill to line up with the edge of the fold on the right.   

Step 3: Take the bottom #1 and fold up so that the bottom meets the edge above the top #1. (The #1’s will essentially be on top of one another inside the fold.) Repeat on the other side.

Step 3b: Repeat step number 3 on the other side.

Step 4: With the side you want to be the front of the heart facing down, fold over the sharp corners at the top and sides to give the rounded heart shape. 

Step 5: Flip over and voila! Adhere to a card with a note to add some love to your child’s or partner’s lunch!

Greetings from Mom

P.S. Eat Your Vegetables
Print and cut these adorable cards for a week's worth of colorful customizable notes!

Put a stencil on it

P.S. Eat Your Vegetables

Cultivate your creativity and use a sharpie to add a quick note to the outside of a Ziploc® bag. Don’t worry about your drawing skills—here’s a free printable template to help guide you along!

P.S. Eat Your Vegetables