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Make These "Bad" Foods Good with Greek Yogurt

April 01, 2015
Greek yogurt’s a rising star in the cooking world. It’s healthy, it’s yummy and it can be substituted in recipes from savory to sweet. Which means cooking healthier for your family just got a lot easier. We’ve collected four very yummy, pretty surprising recipes that substitute Greek yogurt. In fact, you could make one of these recipes for every meal (including dessert). We’re pretty sure your family’s gonna love ‘ fact, they probably won’t even notice the difference.

Yogurt Pancakes with Blueberries and Honey

Using Greek yogurt in place of milk in a traditional pancake recipe will create thick yet fluffy pancakes. Sweetened with a bit of honey and dotted with fresh blueberries, it's a breakfast option that skimps on fat but still delivers on comfort. And you can use a Ziploc® brand bag to pipe batter into your pan! Just when you thought pancakes couldn’t get better! Full Recipe
The Great Greek Yogurt Ingredient Swap

Creamy Yo-Mac + Cheese

Thanks to Greek yogurt, you can have your cake and eat it too. Or in this case, your creamy delicious mac and cheese. Greek yogurt acts as an easy and tasty substitute for fatty foods, so when you have a craving for comfort food, whip up this luxurious, grown-up version of mac and cheese. And then burn some calories off with your mac and cheese victory dance.


Yummy bonus: Use a Ziploc® brand bag to make your own delicious crushed cracker crumb topping! Full Recipe

The Great Greek Yogurt Ingredient Swap

Tacos with Chipotle Greek Yogurt Sauce

Prep these tacos on a weekend and they’re ready for a busy weeknight in just minutes. Each ingredient gets its own Ziploc® brand bag (easy open tabs make getting at those toppings even easier) and everyone can make their own, with the flavors and toppings of their choice. And the creamy, spicy yogurt sauce? It’s delish.  Full Recipe

The Great Greek Yogurt Ingredient Swap
The Great Greek Yogurt Ingredient Swap