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4 Freezer-Friendly Lunch Tips

February 08, 2016
Sure, the freezer is great for keeping ice cubes chilly and frozen pizzas at the ready, but did you know it’s also a rockstar when it comes to helping you pack lunch? From DIY ice packs to lunch recipes you can make in bulk, these simple tips turn a freezer into your best-kept lunch-packing secret.

1. Think Outside The Ice Pack

Real estate in your lunch box is limited, so why waste a big chunk of it on a frozen block? Try freezing grapes in Ziploc® brand freezer bags or fill and freeze Ziploc® Twist ‘N Loc containers with smoothies, applesauce, or yogurt. A frozen water bottle also works wonders. Each will keep your other food cool and defrost just in time for lunch.

2. Freeze Leftovers for Quick Packing

4 Freezer-Friendly Lunch Tips

Freeze dinner leftovers into single-serve portions for easy lunch packing. Make sure to label the leftovers clearly, detailing what’s inside, the date it was packed, reheating instructions, and any dietary or allergy notes. Many foods will defrost and be microwave-ready by lunch, but for heartier meals, remove them from the freezer and place in the fridge the night before.

If you’re feeling really motivated, double the recipe you’re making for dinner and portion out the extra helpings for the freezer. 

3. Do A Lunch-Only Freezer Cooking Marathon

Pick one day and fill your freezer with lunch-friendly favorites.

To make a freezer cooking day go smoothly, chop and prep all of your ingredients ahead of time and be sure you have all storage containers you’ll need before you start. Bring in family or friends to help (or even set up a freezer cooking day with co-workers—you can swap final dishes for more variety). 

4. Start With Easy Recipes

4 Freezer-Friendly Lunch Tips
Burritos are a great recipe for the freezer because they come together quickly, can be made in bulk, and store nicely in Ziploc® bags. Don’t forget to label the bag with the date, ingredients, and reheating instructions. Try our Freezer-Friendly Veggie Burritos
4 Freezer-Friendly Lunch Tips
You can easily double or triple a soup recipe to get a month’s worth of freezer-friendly lunches. Just pre-portion freshly made soup into Ziploc® Twist ‘N Loc containers and freeze. Then defrost in the fridge overnight before tossing it in your lunch bag. Try our Tomato Basil Bisque
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