Heavenly Cheese Plate

My momma always taught me: be sure to bring something when you’re a guest in someone’s home. I swear, even now I feel like she knows if I forget. That being said, this perfect cheese plate recipe is one of my go-to recipes to bring to any occasion.







    Fig spread

    Clover honey

    Rosemary olive oil crackers


    Maytag blue cheese


    Bucheron cheese

    Smoked gouda


  • 1

    A good cheese plate is all about the right combinations. I’m a big fan of the savory and sweet trend, so I veer in that direction for my cheese plates. When shopping for cheeses, don’t be shy about chatting up the monger. He just might have a few suggestions that will make for an exciting pairing!

  • 2

    When planning out your cheese board, it’s all about the combinations. I like to offer my guests options that aren’t too crazy and can easily be interchanged. For example, everything you see here works well together! Try some of these at your next party:

  • 3

    Buchoron is one of my absolute favorite cheeses. It is light and pillow-y soft, so smooth, and ultra-spreadable. Slather a slice of baguette with this cheese then top with a small dollop of fig spread.

  • 4

    Bucheron is also excellent atop a rosemary cracker with some honey lightly drizzled over. If rosemary crackers are not available at your local grocery store, try looking for water crackers or any type of cracker that features an herb such as rosemary or garlic. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the level of flavor this adds!

  • 5

    Blue cheese is great with nuts of all kinds, so try almonds or pecans. Then encourage your guests to drizzle honey over the entire bite for a special treat.

  • 6

    Try mixing your blue cheese with various fruits such as thinly sliced pears or apples. That little sliver of sweetness is the perfect balance to then sharp, salty flavor of blue cheese.

  • 7

    Gouda is fairly flavorful on it’s own because it’s a bit smoky, so for this one try a sliver on a warm baguette or crisp cracker. If you’re experimental, try a dollop of fig spread or a grape.

  • 8

    When laying out your cheese board, try to place pairings near each other. For example, I like to keep the fig spread next to the blue cheese because I will always put together that combination. It also helps to have lots of mini bowls for containing things like olives, honey, and nuts. Plus, they are just so cute!

  • 9 Lastly, just like the cheese flavor pairings, don’t be afraid to layer your tabletop serving pieces. For this look, I layered hand-made ceramics over a slate slab, all topped with small bowls. I like to think of a cheese board as a sumptuous spread, so don’t be afraid to let things get a little casual and messy!
Joanna Hawley