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Packing A Lunch for Picky Eaters

July 01, 2014
Good fences make good neighbors. At least in packed lunches. Say buh-bye to upturned noses and messy lunch bags—especially for those picky ones who can’t stand their food touching anyway—and hello to good presentation skills that get kids to dig in with gusto! Follow these tips to keep packed lunches neat, nifty and organized.

Mend carrot fences

A Lesson In Lunchtime Boundaries
Certain vegetables, such as celery or carrots, are strong and long enough to function as edible fences themselves. Just cut the appropriate lengths and insert snugly into a Ziploc® container.  Mend carrot fences

Put up packaged boundaries

A Lesson In Lunchtime Boundaries
Use a juice box, milk carton, or a wrapped healthy granola bar to section the lunch box into small rooms to fill with fruit and vegetables. The wrapper on a homemade whole wheat muffin can also act as protection against other foods. Put up packaged boundaries

The cupcake that divides us

A Lesson In Lunchtime Boundaries
The paper ones work too, but silicone cupcake molds are flexible, washable and reusable, and for this reason they are ideal dividers in a lunch box. Use whatever size or shape you like to separate into cute little snack compartments. The cupcake that divides us

Baggie borders

A Lesson In Lunchtime Boundaries
Packing sandwich bread, spread and toppings separately ensures your kid will get a fresh and fun lunchtime experience. Pictured are the components for a pita with hummus squeeze pack (Ziploc® bag with corner cut off), falafel and vegetables. Ziploc® snack bags are perfect and fit nicely into any lunch box. Baggie borders