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4 Fast and Easy Family Dinner Recipes

April 01, 2015
Soccer, baseball, and band, oh my! Warmer weather tends to mean even busier evenings. Try these 4 recipes in 4 easy steps so you and your family can still eat yummy meals together—even if they’re sandwiched between play dates and homework.

Make-In-A-Ziploc®-Bag Gnocchi with Zucchini and Tomatoes

You’ve seen pre-made gnocchi next to the spaghetti in the store, but did you know it’s ten times better when it’s fresh? It may sound terrifying to make, but when you use a Ziploc® brand bag to help you out, it’s incredibly easy! Simply combine boiled potatoes, flour, an egg, and Parmesan cheese in a gallon size Ziploc® brand bag. Seal and get to mashing! Bonus: The mashing is a perfect job for little hands. Full Recipe
4 Recipes In 4 Easy Steps

Grilled Lemon Marinated Summer Vegetables with Romesco Sauce

Grilled vegetable see them at every backyard BBQ, but frankly, those sad sticks of flavorless veggies could use some help. What if you treated vegetables like meat and marinated them? Oh yeah, that would bring a little life to the party. Full Recipe
4 Recipes In 4 Easy Steps

One-Pot Honey Mustard Chicken Rice Skillet

After a delicious meal, the last thing you want to do is look over and see a pile of pots and pans to clean! No worries—we’ve got you covered with this delicious meal that you can cook in ONE POT! Ziploc® brand bags are great for marinating chicken in a honey mustard blend. Prep the veggies in a separate Ziploc® brand bag and when it comes time to cook, simply simmer everything in a large sauté pan. All there is to clean up is a single pot, and for a big meal like this, that’s nothing! Full Recipe
4 Recipes In 4 Easy Steps

Lemon-Garlic Shrimp Stir Fry

After long days at work and shuttling children to and from school and soccer practice, we all want a fast, delicious (key—fast) dinner. Plan ahead for this foolproof meal by pre-mixing the lemon-garlic sauce and the shrimp and vegetables in Ziploc® brand bags for an insanely quick meal that everyone will love. Full Recipe
4 Recipes In 4 Easy Steps