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Holiday Cookie Swap DO's And DON'Ts

October 01, 2014
Peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip, oh my! The annual cookie swap is a great way to try out everyone’s favorite cookies, but it can be pure chaos if you don’t plan it carefully. Take note of our cookie swap DO’s and DON’Ts for a successful swapping soiree.

DO: Put invitations on double duty

Holiday Cookie Swap DO’s And DON’Ts| Ziploc® brand
Be sure to send out invitations that are as thorough as they are cute. Ask guests to RSVP with the type of cookie they’re planning to bring and if they have any allergies or food restrictions. The more info you have on hand, the better you’ll be able to plan!

DON’T: Forget your furry friends

Holiday Cookie Swap DO’s And DON’Ts| Ziploc® brand
It’s always fun to surprise loved ones—furry friends included! Have a stash of doggie treats available for guests to take home to their dogs. Print this sweet potato biscuit recipe for an easy, healthy treat.

DO: Label with care

Holiday Cookie Swap DO’s And DON’Ts| Ziploc® brand
Hmm...are those cookies oatmeal chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin? Take the guesswork out of your cookie swap with these printable table tent cards. When guests set up, ask everyone to label their cookies and include a list of ingredients. Guests with allergies or food restrictions will certainly appreciate it

DON’T: Wait until the last minute to bake

With the stress of the holidays, don’t let what should be a fun party stress you out because you ran out of time. To prepare, freeze homemade dough in Ziploc® holiday freezer bags until you are ready to get baking.

DO: Designate a kids’ table

Holiday Cookie Swap DO’s And DON’Ts| Ziploc® brand
Keep the little ones busy with a cookie decorating station just for them. Prepare the table with plain sugar cookies, frosting, and festive sprinkles. This one’s easy to prepare ahead of time--just make the frosting and cookies the day before, and store them in Ziploc® holiday containers. When it’s party time, just pop off the lids, and let them go to town!

DO: Provide beverages for thirsty guests

Holiday Cookie Swap DO’s And DON’Ts| Ziploc® brand
What goes better with cookies than milk? Help guests quench their thirst with a beverage station. You can offer traditional staples like milk, ice water, tea, and coffee. Details like colorful straws and buttons add an adorable finishing touch!

DO: Make a to-go station

Holiday Cookie Swap DO’s And DON’Ts| Ziploc® brand
As the cookie swap winds down, encourage guests to pack up all their loot in Ziploc® holiday bags and containers. Set up a table at the door with everything they’ll need: stickers, twine, gift tags, printed tape, etc. 
But, DON’T: Pack strong-scented goodies together. Don’t put minty or scented cookies in the same container as other cookies to keep them tasting the way they should!