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7 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

October 01, 2014
Life is busy! Some very talented people may have time to hand-sew elaborate Halloween costumes, but we sure don’t. Here are some last minute costumes you can whip up fast.


Pinch or treat! Here’s a creepy crawly idea from under the sea. Borrow those red oven mitts from the kitchen and snag a googly-eyed headband at a party store for less than a buck. Then pair these two items with a red top and bottom, and you’ve got a lobster on your hands! Lobsteriffic


  • Red oven mitts
  • Googly-eye headband
  • Red outfit 


  • 1 Put on the mitts, red outfit, and headband, and go claw up some candy!

Get-to-the-point #2 pencil

The point? To have a costume, and quick! Why not pay tribute to the good ‘ol #2 pencil? Cheap and easy, it’s an extra sharp look on teachers. Get-to-the-point #2 pencil


  • Yellow top and bottoms
  • Gray leg warmers 
  • Pink shoes (or shoes covered in pink duct tape)
  • Electrical tape
  • Scissors
  • Yellow paper
  • Black marker
  • Black string


  • 1 Using electrical tape, form a ‘#2’ on the back of your yellow top.
  • 2 Then put on the yellow top and pants, leg warmers, and pink shoes.
  • 3 Form a cone shape out of the cardstock and glue along seam.
  • 4 Using black paint or marker, draw the jagged edges of the lead tip, and add a piece of string or elastic to secure the hat under your chin.

So-cute-it’s-scary storm cloud

Thunder! Lightning! This storm cloud costume’s so cute it’s frightening! Just dig out your rain jacket, rain boots, and umbrella. Raid your party supply stash for some blue streamers, and grab a string of white pom-pom garland at the craft store. So-cute-it’s-scary storm cloud


  • Safety pins
  • White pom-pom garland
  • Umbrella
  • Blue streamers
  • Rain jacket
  • Rain Boots


  • 1 Attach the pom-pom trim to the edge of the umbrella with safety pins.
  • 2 Cut pieces of blue streamers and tape them inside the umbrella.
  • 3 To complete the costume, throw on a rain jacket and boots.

Cream of the Crop Corn

What better way to celebrate the season of corn mazes and harvest festivals? This corn costume is super simple to make. Just don’t get offended if someone calls you corny! Cream of the Crop Corn


  • Yellow tissue paper (a couple shades)
  • Green paper streamers
  • Thick green ribbon
  • A brown, tan, or yellow dress
  • Safety pins
  • Stapler


  • 1 Crumple sheets of tissue paper into balls to form your corn kernels.
  • 2 Pin each tissue paper kernel onto dress. Staple strips of green streamers to green ribbon to form a husk shawl.
  • 3 Staple the streamers into place on the ribbon. Then slip on your dress, and wrap your shoulders in the husk shawl.

Just go grape


Ask the kids to help blow up a bunch of balloons, and you’re well on your way to a super simple grape costume. Bonus: it's just as much fun to put together as it is to take apart!


You may want the top to be easily removable. We put our “grapes” on a sweatshirt that zips in the front.
Just go grape


  • Purple balloons
  • Purple top and bottom.
  • Headband and green curling ribbon for “vine”
  • Safety pins


  • 1 Blow up each balloon and pin each tied bottom onto the sweatshirt.
  • 2 Attach some green ribbon to headband and curl with scissors.
  • 3 Throw on purple pants, and you’re good to go!

Superhero in a snap

You can’t go wrong with a superhero cape! Make this easy costume with felt and a pool noodle. Your little ones will love coming up with their super hero names. Superhero in a snap


  • 1 yard of felt fabric
  • Small piece of felt in contrasting color
  • Fabric glue
  • Half a pool noodle
  • Safety pin
  • Sparkly tape
  • Black electrical tape


  • 1 Cut a cape shape out of large piece of felt, and a lightning bolt out of the smaller piece of felt.
  • 2 Glue lightning bolt onto the cape with fabric glue.
  • 3 Pin cape together in front with a safety pin.
  • 4 Wrap sparkly tape around bottom of one end of the pool-noodle.
  • 5 Then, use electrical tape to add some details to the light saber. Now, go forth and obtain candy!

Speedy stoplight

Making this costume is so fast, you might get a speeding ticket! We’re big fans of 5-minute outfits, and this one is a breeze. Speedy stoplight


  • Scissors
  • Red, yellow, and green cardstock
  • Safety pins
  • A round object to trace (Ziploc® holiday containers are perfect for this)
  • Black top and bottom


  • 1 Simply trace a circle onto each color cardstock and cut out.
  • 2 Next, pin your red, yellow, and green circles on a black shirt.
  • 3 Complete the look with some black pants or leggings.