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Time-Saving Tips to Master the Morning Rush

July 01, 2014
Even if you’re the earliest of early birds, there’s never enough time in the morning when you have kids. Prepare for ten minutes at night and you’ll save a lot more than ten minutes in the morning— starting with your sanity. We’ve collected 5 time savers to help you beat the morning rush (coffee not required, but suggested).

Pre-pick outfits

Put An End To The Morning Scramble
Perhaps the longest time suck is picking out what to wear, unless you’re one of the lucky ones with school uniforms. Rather than have that great debate in the morning, lay out outfits the night before, or hang a week’s worth of ensembles on day-designated hangers. Hang accessories like socks or headbands in a Ziploc® bag with the outfit on a hanger for easy pairing. However you choose to prepare, you’ll save a ton of time. Pre-pick outfits

Pre-pack lunches

An oldie but a goodie. Packing your child’s lunches the night before will save you huge in the mornings. Try doing it during or right after dinner time to cut down on messes. Check out our A Lesson In Lunchtime Boundaries post for some lunchbox inspiration!

Pre-pack lunches

Morning emergency packs

Put An End To The Morning Scramble
Keep “I just need to run back inside for_____” to a minimum by keeping a morning emergency pack in your car. Fill a Ziploc® bag with things like granola bars, floss, tissues, sunscreen, hairbands, wet naps and a brush or comb. You never know when you’ll need it, but you’ll be extremely happy when you have it. Morning emergency packs

Drop a beat

It’s hard to wake up grumpy when a fun tune is pumping through the house. Make a game out of it by designating a “DJ Day” for each family member. Let’s hear it for DJ Mom Mondayz! Drop a beat

Breakfast at granola-breaking speed

Put An End To The Morning Scramble
Sometimes breakfast is nearly impossible to fit into a chaotic morning schedule. Try quick meals like an omelette in a Ziploc® Zip 'n Steam® to start that metabolism. Prepacking easy breakfast snacks like granola, yogurt and fresh fruit or trail mix in Ziploc® snack bags or Ziploc® containers is also great for mornings on the run. Breakfast at granola-breaking speed