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3 Ziploc® Tips To Be Thankful For

September 14, 2016
There’s no end to all the ways that Ziploc® brand bags can save you time, cash and hassle…and that’s just when you use them for food. Here are a few more ways they can help you quiet the chaos of the season...and simply enjoy it!

1. Good gravy! DIY fat separator

3  Ziploc® Tips To Be Thankful For
Who needs a fancy gadget to make good gravy? Save money and space and DIY. First, let the sauce cool a bit, then pour it in a quart size Ziploc® brand storage bag. Place the bag inside a large glass measuring cup, and wait until the fat separates. Then snip the corner of the bag, and boom! The good stuff comes out first! Before the fat starts coming out, quickly pinch the bag closed.

2. Homemade popcorn packing

3  Ziploc® Tips To Be Thankful For
‘Tis the season for packing and shipping. But you’re not a shipping station and you’ve got odd-shaped boxes and no bubble wrap. Just fill a few quart size Ziploc® brand bags with (real!) popcorn. It’s much more colorful, and Grandma will thank you for the snack...and the gift!

3. Piping perfected

3  Ziploc® Tips To Be Thankful For

From deviled eggs to frosted cookies, Ziploc® brand bags are a piping powerhouse. Fine tune that fact with these tips! One, when filling with icing, keep your hands free and avoid spills by using a cup to hold the bag upright. Once full, give the bag a twist and pipe away!

Another tip? Add a tip! A real piping nozzle, that is. Fold over the top of the bag, cut off the corner, and place the tip inside for extra precision (and swirly fanciness!).