‘Til Next Year: The Great Holiday Wrap Up

September 12, 2016
Huzzah! You made it through another holiday season. But before you can engage in full relaxation mode, there’s one dreaded last task: putting away the decorations. Try these 3 easy tricks to put away the holidays in a snap, while doing some good. The quicker you do it, the quicker life gets back to normal, right? One can hope.

Let there be lights - without any tangles!


Taking down holiday lights is hard enough, so we’re excited to find a way to make storing them easy. Get rid of tangles by wrapping lights around old hangers, then tie the plug end to the hook to secure it in place. The cords will be tangle-free next year, and you’ll be able to neatly pull them from the hanger as you set up.

This year’s holiday cards = tomorrow’s scrapbooks


Holiday notes, tags and cards are some of the most touching pieces of the season. But hanging on to them tends to mean another drawer full of unorganized papers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Keep all your special memories in Ziploc® brand bags, label them with the year, and use them later in memory frames or scrapbooks!

Donate with the old in with the new

Finding places for new gifts is a fun, albeit somewhat taxing event. Rather than stress over ways to make everything fit, create room by donating their older counterparts. Grandma gifted new sweaters? Donate a few older sweaters in exchange. Santa brought stuffed animals? Gift some not-as-new stuffed animals to a family in need. Pack everything up in leftover shipping boxes or Ziploc® Flexible Totes and take them to your nearest donation center. You’ll clear up some room while helping those in need.