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How To Pack Like A Pro

October 01, 2014

We all know that feeling: you’re rushing to get everything done before you fly home for the holidays, and your suitcase is yet to be packed. It’s really the perfect storm for forgetting something. As an avid traveler, I’ve discovered some helpful tips for getting where I’m going quickly—and in style.



  • quart-sized Ziploc® brand bags
  • gallon-sized Ziploc® brand bags
  • Ziploc® brand Space Bags®
  • TSA-approved carry-on suitcase
I try to keep everything interchangeable, so I can swap shirts while still feeling like I’m wearing something new each day. Let’s start with some key outfits.

What to wear to Thanksgiving dinner


I pair my favorite jeans with a cozy sweater, then make it pop with fun accessories like a statement necklace. A neutral leather boot is also a great key piece to have on hand when on the road, because it goes with everything. Layer on a scarf to stay warm, and you’re ready to go!

What to wear to pick out your Christmas tree

Plaid is as festive as it gets for the holidays, so I like to don a traditional tartan shirt paired with my favorite skinny jeans. Then, I layer on a quilted jacket (or down coat in case it gets super cold). Also, I slip into my favorite sneakers so I can keep up with my cousins on the tree farm. I recommend sneakers for activities like this, but also for wearing when you’re traveling—they do double duty.

What to wear to a holiday party


Depending on how you celebrate the holidays, you might need cocktail attire! Spice things up with a bright dress and classy heels. The heels will come in handy for those days when you want to wear jeans, but also need to look a bit more pulled together. Another surefire way to dress up in a hot minute? Red lipstick.


How to pack toiletries


Traveling can put a serious damper on your beauty routine, so I always suggest planning ahead. Make sure you stock up on refillable bottles that are 3 oz. or less, then pack a Ziploc® brand holiday bag with your essentials.

How to pack accessories


Luckily, accessories are super easy to pack. I like to keep mine organized in a gallon-sized Ziploc® brand bag to keep my suitcase tidy. To make life easier for yourself, I suggest sticking to one color palette or metallic color so you can mix and match.



You can also use gallon-sized Ziploc® brand holiday bags to hold shoes, thus keeping your clothes and suitcase clean and neat.

Here’s my absolute favorite packing trick: use Ziploc® Space Bags®! The travel ones are perfect, because a vacuum isn’t required at all. You can organize your apparel by outfit and label by each day of the week. This is my go-to tip for packing for 10 days without having to check a bag.

Photography by Nathan Michael.