Flower Arrangements For Tables Of All Sizes

October 01, 2014
Flower arrangements are a really festive way to perk up any tabletop during the holidays, no matter the size. From your breakfast nook to service for 12, I’m sharing my favorite tips and tricks for creating gorgeous centerpieces for tables of all sizes.
Ziploc Flower Arranging
There’s a really great flower market by my apartment, but if you’re not so lucky, worry not. Grocery stores have really stepped up their game in the flower department. I suggest shopping for bold blooms like dahlias, as well as more delicate pieces like baby’s breath or Queen Anne’s lace. You can always forage in the backyard for wildflowers, branches, and bits of pine.
Ziploc Flower Arranging
When crafting my own flower arrangements, I like to keep in mind a few basic guidelines:

Start with a statement piece

Keep things simple and stick to just a few varieties of flowers. Start with one statement bloom (in this case, burgundy dahlias), greenery, and something delicate, like baby’s breath. From there, it’s all about proportion and balance.

Go green

Greenery is just as important as the flowers! Think of it as a basic, like your favorite jeans that you can wear with anything.

Trim stems at an angle

To help stems suck up water, trim the flowers and branches at an angle with scissors. Add water every couple of days to get the most out of your bouquet. Flowers can be thirsty!

Keep flowers fresh

If you don’t have time to start making your arrangements right away, keep flowers fresh by wrapping the stems in a wet paper towel. Then, place the entire bunch of ends in a Ziploc® brand bag. This keeps everything nice and hydrated until you’re ready to start.

Consider Your Table Size

For smaller tables, like my tiny cafe table, I suggest repurposing a small pitcher or creamer into a vase. Add a bit of festive ribbon to make this arrangement extra special.
Ziploc Flower Arranging

For tables that seat 4-6 people, I like to do a grouping for my centerpieces. For this, I focus on collecting pieces of varying heights, then dispersing my flowers throughout. It can be dramatic and lovely to add a single sprig of blooms to a tall vase.

Ziploc Flower Arranging
For larger tables, only a dramatic centerpiece will do! To keep your blooms organized within the container (while keeping your container clean and protected), I recommend filling Ziploc® brand bags with water and placing your blooms in them. This allows for easy clean up, too!
Ziploc Flower Arranging

Seriously, ribbon is my favorite. Add a wide, textural ribbon to the vase for another pop of green.

Ziploc Flower Arranging
Photography by Nathan Michael
Joanna Hawley