Back To School's a Breeze with These 4 Tips

July 01, 2014
Back to school season can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Kids are leaving their carefree summer days behind and it’s up to you to help guide them into a more structured routine. Egads! Before you load up on extra coffee and stress, check out our 4 easy tips to help everyone (including you) acclimate to the back to school season

Re-introduce routines

The last few weeks of summer are a great time to re-establish school routines. Start waking your kids up a little earlier and rehearsing their morning tasks a few weeks prior to help them prepare. The less they’re used to hanging around in their PJ's, the easier it will be to hustle them out the door.

Create a “launching pad”

The Calm Before the Back To School Storm

Designate a spot where things like backpacks, shoes and lunch boxes will be kept. This will help alleviate morning scrambles while promoting responsibility and independence. Having your child create a “for school” list to post by the front door is also helpful.

Schedule reading times

Gotta get those brain boxes revved and ready! Try playing more academic/brain power games or encourage longer reading times before the school year starts. They’ll get used to quieter hours and using their brain.

Designate a homework station

The Calm Before the Back To School Storm
Setting up and decorating a homework area together will give your kids a sense of ownership and add some excitement. Also, organizing their school supplies (both old and new) will give the area a much needed sense of order. Have them decorate Ziploc® containers with stickers to organize pencils, crayons, etc. The more fun they have, the more excited they’ll be.
The Calm Before the Back To School Storm