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Ziploc® Brand Storage Bags Gallon / Large

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Other storage bag sizes

Ziploc® Storage Bags come in a variety of sizes and are designed for practically any scenario.
  • Storage Bag - Two Gallon

    Big meals. Pot lucks. Bulk food shopping. If you’re looking to store something (relatively) big, Ziploc® Storage Two Gallon Bags are the ideal solution. Count on the double zipper seal to easily lock in your food with a tight close that you can hear, see and feel. Plus, the durable construction helps prevent tears, rips, and compromises.

  • Storage Bag - Quart Medium

    If you can imagine it, most likely Ziploc® Storage Quart Bags can do it. Pack snacks, dry pastas or last night's leftovers. The patented Stand-Up Bottom and Stay Open Design make filling them a breeze. And of course, count on the Grip ’n Seal technology to help lock in freshness with complete confidence.