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Ziploc® Brand Freezer Bags Pint / Small

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Other freezer bag sizes

Ziploc® Freezer Bags come in a variety of sizes and are designed for practically any kitchen + freezing scenario.
  • Freezer Bag - Two Gallon
    Need to easily store meat, poultry or bulky soups and broths? Ta-da! Ziploc® Two Gallon/XL Bags are your indispensable ally. The double zipper seal helps lock in freshness with confidence you can see, feel and hear — from edge-to-edge, across the entire bag. Plus, it helps prevent freezer burn, meaning less food waste.
  • Freezer Bag - Gallon Large

    Everything about Ziploc® Freezer Gallon/Large Bags is designed around you. It starts with our Stay Open Design making filling them up remarkably simple. Then count on the Grip ’n Seal technology for an easy close. Want more? The secure double zipper seals the bag to help protect against freezer burn and food waste.  

  • Freezer Bag - Quart Medium

    Versatility is what Ziploc® Freezer Quart/Medium Bags are all about. From our Stay Open Design that makes packing up tonight’s dinner leftovers super easy, to bringing those leftovers to the office (or just about anywhere) super convenient. Plus, Ziploc’s Grip ’n Seal Technology makes a tight seal incredibly easy.