Timeless Holiday Tablescape

October 01, 2014

You want your holiday feast to be as glamorous and festive as ever. But between houseguests, a busy social calendar and a mile-long shopping list, who has the time for an elaborate tablescape? Try these simple tips and tricks to set the perfect holiday brunch table in a flash.

Use what you have


No need to go out and buy fancy decorations! Take advantage of what you already own. Break out the stockings, ornaments and wreaths, and use them to adorn the space where your brunch table will be set.

Make your own garland


Looking to add a handmade touch to your holiday display? Popcorn garlands are a fun retro detail that never go out of style, and making them yourself is half the fun! Just thread a big eye needle with baker’s twine and string on one piece of popped of popcorn at a time. Not only are these DIY garlands inexpensive, they also provide prime snacking opportunities while you work!

Picture-perfect party favors


Ziploc® holiday containers make festive party favors that act as a focal point for each place setting. Simply line each container with two sheets of tissue paper in the color of your choice, then load it up with everyone’s favorite breakfast treat. We love using donut holes! For a finishing touch, top with satin ribbon and a handmade gift tag.

Add some dimension


To create an unforgettable holiday centerpiece, start by laying a neutral colored runner down the center of the table to anchor the design. Then, turn Ziploc® holiday containers upside down and arrange them on top of the runner.

Incorporate natural elements


We love using mini trees! To achieve this look, arrange several trees in a variety of sizes down the length of the table. Then, sprinkle faux snow over the treetops to create a wintery wonderland.

Serve family style


When guests are ready to be served, clear out some of the tabletop decor and bring out family-style dishes. Serving large platters allows everyone to get just enough of what they like. It also saves a ton of time!

Balance savory with sweet


Any time you’re serving a heavier dish, be sure to serve a complementary lighter dish, like this fresh citrus salad. Slice fresh oranges and grapefruit, then garnish with fresh berries and a drizzle of honey. Or balance waffles with sliced bananas, a drizzle of maple syrup, and chopped toasted nuts.