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More Moms = Less Stress

July 01, 2014

Fellow moms can be your biggest resource when it comes to navigating the back to school season. Try organizing a rotating schedule for things like carpools, meals, and grocery shopping help. The more you stand united, the less hectic back to school time will be.

Carpool chaos relief

Printable calendars are a must-have for any family trying to triumph over carpool chaos. A quick strategy sesh where moms pick the days that work best for their schedules, and where backups can be designated, eliminates the need to reschedule rides. Print out as many as you need and disseminate widely!

Snack attack prevention

Whether it’s after school or after soccer, when kids jump into your car they’re starving, and they need a snack—stat! With their blood sugar plummeting and the whining nearing a violent crescendo, it really is an emergency! With Ziploc® containers and bags, you’ll always have a fresh, healthy snack ready to toss their way. If you bring a variety of options, you’ll be the MVP of your mom support group.

Personal shoppers club

This printable shopping list is a perfect way to lend a helping hand to fellow harried moms. Send a quick text message asking if anyone needs anything from the store before you go. Use the list to keep track of who needs what, and when you drop off the goods, include some blank copies of the list so your friends can return the favor...hint, hint.

Ding dong its dinner


Want dinner delivered to your door? Start a meal co-op, an agreement by two or more households to provide prepared meals for each other according to a schedule. Take turns doubling or tripling the recipe you are making and deliver hearty one-dish meals such as casseroles and pasta dishes ready to eat. The more moms you unite for the co-op, the less time you’ll spend in the kitchen!