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Outdoor Games for Indoor Kids

March 15, 2016

It’s been proven that outdoor play is best for a child’s development. But finding enticing ways to get your kids away from the screen and out in the sun is hard. Not anymore! Try these fun and engaging outdoor activities to prove to those little rascals that outdoors is King!

Adult Supervision Required

Sidewalk art is fleeting


Move the mess of painting to the great outdoors with homemade chalk paint! Not only will kids love covering the sidewalk with their creations, they’ll have fun making unique colors. Simply mix equal parts cornstarch and water (a half cup of each is a good start), and add food coloring. Mix the paints up in resealable Ziploc® Twist ’n Loc® Containers so you can store them to use again and again!

See what bubbles up


Mix up different colors of tempera paint, plus a little water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid, in Ziploc® containers. Then blow into the container with a straw to create oodles of bubbles that reach the very top. Now place a piece of paper over the containers to make a print. Repeat with the other colors for a unique, layered effect.

Hunt gather and game


Send your kids and their pals off into the wild (just kidding!), with some quart size Ziploc® bags, for a rock hunt. When they return victorious, dirty, and ready to chill out with their bags o’ rocks, have them paint them. They can use the rocks and other natural elements like sticks to play a game like tic-tac-toe, or even checkers.