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4 Ways to Make Bedtime More Fun

July 01, 2014
When it comes to bedtime, the actual “getting the kids to bed” part can feel like a battle worthy of Hollywood visual effects. Banish the bedtime blues with Monster Spray (fast-acting monster repellent) and Bedtime High Fives—and take bedtime from struggle to snuggle.

Monster Spray

Bedtime’s Great—When It’s Over

Are monsters what’s standing between your sanity and your child’s sleep? Monster spray to the rescue!


  • Spray bottle
  • Water

Fill a spray bottle with water. Go crazy and decorate the bottle if you’re feeling fancy! Let your kids know that if they’re afraid, all they have to do is spray their magic potion to send the monsters under the bed away!

Bedtime high fives

Bedtime’s Great—When It’s Over
All the parenting books say need routine, routine, routine...especially at bedtime. Use this printable to fill in five tasks your child needs to do before bedtime each night—and do some high fives when they’re done!


  • Pen, pencil, marker

Memory keepers

Bedtime’s Great—When It’s Over

A nice, calm way to get ready for bed each night...simply have your child write down their favorite memory from the day.


  • Paper
  • Pencil/pen
  • Ziploc® container or a jar
Before bedtime, have children write down one thing that they want to remember from that day. It could be something they want to improve on, something learned in school, or a fun time with a friend. At the end of the year they’ll have a container full of memories.

Bedtime photo book

Bedtime’s Great—When It’s Over
For visual learners, this photo book will serve as the perfect reminder of what to do when bedtime rolls around.


  • Photo book
  • Pictures of nightly routine
Another thing those parenting books say is that it helps when kids know what is expected of them. So take pictures of your nightly routine and slide them into a photo album. This way, your kids can flip through the book and see that it’s time for lights out.