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The Winter Games: Reimagined

January 22, 2018

On your marks, get set, imagine! When you take a fresh look at your favorite winter games, every kid can go for the gold. Reimagine these three popular snow sports as kid-friendly activities and keep your little ones busy indoors and out.

Snowball Biathlon

Swap out skis for snow boots and aim for a Ziploc® target with snowballs. Snowball Biathlon



  • 2 Set the lids on the ground, equally far away from each container, at a good throwing distance.
  • 3 Kids play by throwing snowballs into a container, standing behind the lid. Each time they miss, they run a lap (pick a good route before the game begins). The first to fill their container to the top with snow wins.

Cozy Curling

Turn your living room into a mini arena. No ice rink required. Cozy Curling


  • Aquarium stones, in two colors (or other small weights)


  • 1 To make the curling “stones,” fill four Ziploc® brand medium square containers with one color of fish tank rocks. Fill another four containers with the other colored rocks and press on all the lids.
  • 2 Place a lid upside-down in the center of the room as the target.
  • 3 Players take turns sliding their stones toward the lid. The player with the closest stone or the most stones touching the target wins!


    Even kids can use the lids’ easy one press seal to build their own set of curling stones.

Icebox Hockey

Is it possible to fit an entire hockey rink in your freezer? With Ziploc® brand it is! Icebox Hockey


  • Non-toxic school glue
  • 2 wooden craft sticks
  • White masking tape
  • Craft knife
  • Non-toxic craft glue
  • Markers
  • Button


  • 2 Fill the large container with water until the small containers are half full. Put in the freezer overnight or until solid.
  • 3 Cut about 2 inches off the end of each craft stick. Glue the shorter piece to the longer piece to make mini hockey sticks. Let dry and reinforce with tape.
  • 4 To play, drop the button “puck” in the center of the rink. Two players use the sticks to knock the puck into the small container “goals.”