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Glittery Snowflake Window Clings

September 10, 2016
Create a winter wonderland this year with these easy snowflake decorations that will catch the sunlight and sparkle on the windows all season long. Inspired by the snowflake design in the Ziploc® brand Holiday Collection, these window clings are removable and super simple to make.


  • Fabric “puffy” paint
  • Glitter
  • Ziploc® brand bag


  • 1 Lay the Ziploc® brand bag down and draw a snowflake with the fabric paint. The thicker the lines, the easier it will be to peel off later. Sprinkle with glitter.
  • 2 Keep the snowflakes in a safe place to dry overnight. Make sure they lie flat or the paint may drip.
  • 3 When the paint has completely dried, carefully peel the snowflakes off the bag. Then, stick them to the window and enjoy!
Glittery Snowflake Window Clings
Glittery Snowflake Window Clings


You can use the mini snowflake designs on the Limited Edition Ziploc® brand Holiday Freezer Bags as a stencil.