Simple Sugar Skull Cookie Tutorial

October 01, 2017

Traditional Day of the Dead sugar skulls become a kid-friendly craft when you transform Ziploc® brand seal top bags into less-mess, DIY piping bags. With a little imagination, no professional tools are required for this sugar cookie decorating project. Even little hands can create colorful works of art and help out with holiday prep.

It’s more than a bag, it’s a sugar skull cookie decorator. Follow these steps for a fun, creative, not to mention delicious project.

  • 1

    Start by baking sugar cookies. Follow your favorite recipe to make the dough. Roll out, bake and let cool completely. This step can be prepped ahead – store cookies in a Ziploc® brand container to keep them fresh.

  • TIP

    We used a sugar skull cookie stamp, but an egg-shaped cookie cutter (the tapered end will be the chin) will also do the trick!
  • 2

    Make less-mess with piping bags. Spoon ½ cup (125 ml) of white icing into multiple Ziploc® brand bags, then add brightly colored food coloring to each.

  • 3

    Press out the air, seal and gently knead the bags to mix until the color is uniform. Kids can have fun mashing without making a mess thanks to the Smart Zip Plus®seal.

  • 4

    Press the icing to the bottom of the bag and twist and hold to make a piping bag shape. Use scissors to snip an ⅛ inch (3 mm) corner off of the bag.

  • TIP

    Add a small round pastry tip for more precise piping. Cut a ½ inch (12 mm) corner off of a new Ziploc® brand bag and fit the tip into the open corner, then squeeze the colored frosting into the bag with the tip.

  • 5

    Start decorating by outlining eyes, a nose and mouth, then add petals, polka dots and swirls in multiple colors. Add sprinkles and candy decorations before the frosting dries.

  • TIP

    Cookie stamps make it easy for kids to trace their design. Younger kids can use dots of icing as a “glue” for candies, sprinkles and just about any edible decoration they can imagine.



Prep ahead for a stress-free holiday and keep your cookies fresh in a Ziploc® brand large rectangle container.