Gourmet Desserts The Microwave Way

July 01, 2014

Everyone wants their own customizable dessert. But last time we checked you weren’t a pastry chef and your kitchen wasn’t a restaurant. Rather than turn your whole kitchen upside down, let your kids bake their own treats with these single-serving microwaveable desserts. They can pick their own toppings and size...without breaking your oven or your sanity.

5 Minute Bread Pudding

Gourmet Desserts

This sweet, custard-like, rustic bread pudding is always a show stopper! When your family is craving a sweet bite this dessert is so easy, anyone can make it. Full Recipe

Carrot Mug Cake Cream Cheese Glaze

Gourmet Desserts

Sweet carrots, raisins, and a touch of cinnamon combine to create a moist and delicious cake. If you have a microwave and a mug, then you can have cake in a flash! Full Recipe

Oatmeal Cookie Mug Cake Vanilla Frosting

Gourmet Desserts

Everyone’s favorite cookie is flipped upside down and turned into a luscious cake to settle sweet cravings in a snap. Full Recipe

Raspberry Vanilla Mug Cake

Gourmet Desserts

When you need a little something sweet to end a meal, this is the answer. Fresh raspberries infused with aromatic vanilla create a blissful and quick summery cake. Full Recipe