Product Highlights

  • Strong, multi-ply material resistant to punctures
  • Deep evacuation channels in material quickly remove air and moisture
  • Made in the USA with over 90% U.S. Materials
  • BPA free

Perfect For

  • Vacuum sealing and storing meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit and more.
  • Perfect for storing pre-portioned meals.
  • Storing and organizing just about anything: passports, cosmetics, yarn, business cards, maps, and so much more.

Product Instructions

  • 1 Pull enough bag material to hold item to be vacuum packaged, plus 2 inches. With a pair of scissors or sharp knife, cut desired bag length from bag roll. Make sure to cut in a straight line. Plug in the power cord of your vacuum sealer.
  • 2 Open lid of the vacuum sealer. Place one end of the cut roll material onto the sealing strip.* Don’t worry if you accidentally place any material onto the gasket area.
  • 3 Close the lid of the vacuum sealer by pressing down firmly on both sides. Check to make sure the lid will not open. If the lid cannot open, you have successfully locked the lid in place.
  • 4 Now that the lid has been locked in place, press the ‘SEAL’ button to create a custom size bag. The indicator light illuminates during the seal process.
  • 5 The machine will briefly start the vacuum pump. Once completed, press the release buttons on the side of the unit and the machine will unlock and release the bag. The indicator light will turn off. It is now safe to take out the newly created bag.
  • 6  The custom size bag is now ready for vacuum sealing.
Note: Not recommended for liquids like soups and sauces or powdery foods or items containing small particles.